Your Weight and Heartburn

We have already looked at weight gain, even a small amount, as a popular trigger for causing heartburn. If you haven't gained weight recently but are overweight, the chances of you suffering from heartburn are still higher than normal. By decreasing your weight you are in turn likely to decrease your chances of triggering heartburn.

Now, you may be thinking "here we go again, another person against overweight people, and trying to get everyone to lose weight". To a degree, yes, you're right. But only in context with how it can help you possibly overcome your heartburn.

By overeating, you're increasing the amount of acid that your stomach has to produce in order to digest your food. The more acid produced, the more chance there is of acid flowing back into your esophagus from your stomach. So stopping your overeating, combined with losing weight, will decrease the amount of acid in your stomach and with it, decrease the chance of triggering heartburn.

But losing weight on its own, although it will help prevent heartburn occurring will not prevent it from happening altogether. There will be other steps that you'll need to take that will help you along the way, and decrease your chances of being one of the 44% of people who suffer from heartburn.

Just to be sure you don't get the wrong idea, I'm not saying that it's been medically proven beyond all shadow of a doubt that obesity and heartburn go hand in hand. This is simply not the case. What I am saying though, is that there is very strong medical evidence resulting from several studies, that suggest that being overweight will significantly increase the risk of heartburn occurring.

And if you happen to suffer from the GERD type of heartburn, then what has been medically proven, is that obesity increases the chance of you being hospitalized for your condition. 
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