Alcohol and Heartburn

Alcoholic drinks, especially wine and beer, are a main trigger for heartburn for most people. If you can cut down on your alcoholic intake you're immediately lowering the chances of triggering your heartburn.

Unfortunately, alcohol does form a large part of most people's social lives and on a night out with friends or colleagues, or on a romantic evening with your partner, not drinking alcohol doesn't always seem like a viable solution.

Let me start perhaps by asking one question. Have you ever attended an office party or been on a night out where everyone else has been drinking alcoholic beverages apart from you? No? Then I would suggest that you try it. It's not as hard as it seems, as in more recent years there has been a growth in the range of non-alcoholic beverages available. If you never thought you could have fun without drinking alcohol, I am willing to bet that you will be presently surprised.

I tried it some time ago and although I wasn't looking forward to an evening of soft drinks, by the end of the evening I was having so much fun, I could have been drinking alcohol - only I knew I hadn't, since I had bought all of my own drinks. It was so much fun to see how my friends and colleagues were acting after a few drinks that I was frequently smiling and laughing. Even the day after was fun, when I sat with one of my closest friends to discuss the evening out and I shared just a little of what I had witnessed. The look of horror on her face was something that I will always remember.

If you really can't do without the alcohol though, just try and minimize your intake over the evening as some people find this works for them. About one glass of wine per hour should space out the alcohol enough to avoid heartburn. But you may need to play around to find out what suits you.

Of course there are other health benefits to drinking less alcohol which we all know about. For example, better sleep and reduced chance of diabetes, to name but two.
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